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Chilblock contact freezer


Chilblock contact freezer includes many freezer shake plates inside. The distance between this plate can be adjusted with a hydraulic holder, which can be moved from 50 to 105 mm. By taking heat from the top and bottom of the tray, after freezing, the product’s center temperature must reach a minimum of -18 ° C.

Contact freezer is used to freeze items in block form, cake form, frozen ingredients, mainly used for freezing block shrimp, tray with water. Each block normally has a mass of 2 kg.

Chilblock contact freezer doors can be used with two-level folding hinged doors or using insulating fabric rolling doors (space saving)


• Freezing type: Direct contact, 2 sides (thanks to the hydraulic holder presses the shakes together after placing the product between the shaking plates)

• Frozen products: Block items such as meat, snails, fish, shrimp, …

• Input product temperature: +10 0C to +12 0C

• Average temperature of product after freezing: -18 0C

• Freezer capacity: 600 kg / batch, 1000 kg / batch, 1200 kg / batch, 1500 kg / batch

• Type of fluid supply: multi-expension valves or liquid pump

• Freezing time: From 1h30 ‘to 2h30’ depending on product requirements.

• Freezer tray: 2 kg type

• Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R507A, R717 (NH3)

• In this system, indoor evaporative temperature: -35 0C to -40 0C, so a 2-stage compressor: screw or piston is required.