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Chilblock control cabinet

Hung Tri provides a full package of services: construction, design, installation, maintenance with expertise, high technology specializing in Chilblock control cabinets.


Chilblock control cabinet is the brain that controls the operation of the system of refrigeration equipment, the electrical / electronic equipment inside has reasonably arranged enough working space and is safe for insulation.

Cabinet with powder coating or 304 stainless steel, when used outdoors, are designed 2-layer doors, with roof.

The locking handle is easy to open and close.

The cooling fan system helps to cool the cabinet while operating and is bright enough to operate the cabinet maintenance and repair.

PLC system with display on the cabinet door makes it easy to identify the operating status of the respective equipment system.


Used in industry and commerce.
Electric cabinets use high quality standard electric cables; head cos, chromed bus bar.
Using high-end electronic components, genuine equipment of Schneider / ABB. Specialized control equipment for industrial refrigeration.
PLC programmable cabinet, HMI control screen.
Diverse design of dust filter and cooling fan.

Meet the fast production requirements of customers.

Components are ready to replace.