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Chilblock re-freezing

Chilblock re-freeze products

Seafood, food and processed food, vegetables … after freezing and glazing

Product temperature after re-freezing

Product inlet center temperature: According to the actual after ice plating

Product center temperature: – 18oC

Chilblock re-freezing capacity

Capacity of re-freezing 500 kg / hour, 750 kg / hour, 1,000 kg / hour


The frame and belt are made of 304 stainless steel in accordance with HACCP.

Insulated with Polyurethane foam.

Easy and simple operation, maintenance, maintenance and cleaning.

Plastic and stainless steel belt materials are imported from Europe.

Refrigeration Industry Joint Stock Company develops advanced refrigeration technology, leading to high re-freezing efficiency and energy saving. Small, compact, re-freezing conveyor belt

Re-coagulation is made using NH3 and Freon solvents. Method of supplying fluid for IQF by pump or throttle.