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Chilblock wind-level freezer


Wind freezers are used a lot, mainly towards the storage of bulk frozen products in small quantities, and equipped for medium and small enterprises. That can be seafood bags such as fish fillets, shrimp …

The average productivity of the wind freezer system is mainly from 200 to 500 kg / h. This system uses the main device that is freezer cooled by forced wind. In terms of construction and appearance, they look similar to contact freezers. The cabinet’s interior includes the indoor units, the blower and a series of frozen storage trays. Commodities are arranged on a tray with a thin layer and cooled by a high-speed recirculating wind system, with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius. The wind freezer system uses the flooding method.


The wind freezer refrigeration system uses NH3 with the following characteristics:

– Type of frozen products: shrimp and fish in bulk after preliminary treatment or fillet
– Freezing product temperature: usually frozen right after the preparation room, so it has a cool temperature of 10-12 degrees C.
– The average temperature of the product after freezing: – 18 degrees c.
– Temperature of new product after freezing: – 12 degrees Celsius.
– Number of freezer compartments: depending on the system of wind freezers, the number can be 2, 4, 6, up to 8 compartments. Each compartment can hold about 50 to 62.5 kg of foods of all kinds
– Total freezing time: from one to two hours per batch, and depending on the product.
– Freezing type: by forced wind
– The method of supplying liquid filled indoor unit from an overflow tank
– Drain the ice with water thanks to a separate pump system

The wind freezer system includes a wide range of equipment such as compressor, cooling tower, storage tank, condenser, oil separator, liquid separator, anti-spill tank, intermediate, wind freezer, recovery tank. oil, defrosting pump, defrost pump, cooling pump.

Using the freezer system is an economical solution, helping small and medium businesses freeze loose frozen products with small and medium quantity of goods.