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Industrial Cold Storage


Hung Tri CNL Joint Stock Company provides a full package of services: construction, design, installation, maintenance with expertise, high technology specializing in industrial cold storage.


Industrial cold storage is assembled from insulating panels. The panels are connected by Z-lock attachment mechanism for wall and ceiling panels.

The structure of the insulation panel consists of 2 layers of colorbond or stainless steel tole, and the middle layer is foam insulation.

The thickness of the colorbond or stainless steel bowl is from 0.46 mm to 2 mm.
Panel thicknesses range from 75 mm to 175 mm corresponding to the needs of the customer and the product.
Panel width is up to 600 mm.
Panel length is up to 12,000 mm

The long ceiling panel will be designed with a cable that hangs up the roof frame to support the rise and fall. The wall will be perforated and attached a door frame to make the door.


Capacity: 1,000 MT to 50,000 MT.
Fireproof foam spread according to Vietnamese standards.
Application: used as cold storage for rent, industrial cold storage for export food, cold storage for seafood and food processing factories.
Warehouse temperature from -60 0C ÷ +30 0C depending on customers’ requirements and products.