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IQF Super Speed Conveyor


IQF Super Speed ​​Conveyors are the best choice for freezing or cooling high value food products. The products are transported on the belt through the freezer chamber, high-speed cold air is blown into both the top and bottom of the product. The cold air is continuously blown in and around the product, enhancing the surface heat transfer rate
that fast freezes. Freezing technology is very suitable for freezing products
of moderate thickness and value-added items.


The system is designed and manufactured according to HACCP and FDA standards, with high quality components and materials mainly imported from the US, EU and Japan.
Do not change the flavor, color or texture of the product after freezing.
Short freezing time, product quality is preserved, no deformation and low mass loss.
High heat exchange efficiency, saving energy consumption.
The evaporator is made of stainless steel pipes and aluminum blades that are easy to clean and defrost.
Stainless steel mesh belt with optimized opening to suit the size and shape of frozen products.
Simple to operate, easy to clean and maintain.
Continuous operation with indoor blower (optional) and high efficiency oil-free air compressor. Minimize the process of snow clinging on the belt surface. Water saving during defrost and equipment cleaning.
The device control cabinet uses a PLC system, the touch screen controls can be connected to a computer