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KueBa indoor unit

Kelvion – Kueba is one of the leading global manufacturer of heat exchangers in the industrial refrigeration sector. Kueba indoor units are produced from the 1920s. And since 2015, it has the name Kelvion.

The outstanding advantages when choosing the Kueba – Kelvion indoor unit:

Küba SG commercial with a wide range of products with many options.
Blower system straight. Accurately combined with the heat exchanger coil, providing the far blowing of heat exchanged cold wind through the system with the largest air flow & lowest resistance.
Minimal moisture absorption thanks to large heat exchange surface area.
All components are easy to access and easy to clean. Drain tray and fan hinged
Intelligent throttle divider “Kueba CAL distributor” helps the throttle to distribute evenly in the throttle, …
Kueba indoor fan uses Ebm papst – Germany fan from O250, O300, O450, O500 mm, …


Use for processing rooms, cold storage for flower preservation, cold storage for fruit preservation, wine storage, food cold storage, supermarket cold storage, resort, hotel
Use in large and medium sized cold storage water
Fast freezing cellar, …

Popular models of Kueba Market Plus SP series:

SPBE 011D; SPBE 021D; SPBE 031D; SPBE 041D; SPBE 051D; SPBE 061D; SPBE 071D; SPBE 081D
SPBE 022D; SPBE 032D; SPBE 042D; SPBE 052D; SPBE 062D; SPBE 072D; SPBE 082D
SPBE 023D; SPBE 033D; SPBE 043D; SPBE 053D; SPBE 063D; SPBE 073D; SPBE 083D
SPBE 024D; SPBE 034D; SPBE 044D; SPBE 054D; SPBE 064D; SPBE 074D; SPBE 084D
SPA 011D; SPA 021D; SPA 031D; SPA 041D; SPA051D; SPA 061D; SPA 071D; SPA 081D
SPA 022D; SPA 032D; SPA 042D; SPA 052D; SPA 062D; SPA 072D; SPA 082D
SPA 023D; SPA 033D; SPA 043D; SPA 053D; SPA 063D; SPA 073D; SPA 083D
SPA 024D; SPA 034D; SPA 044D; SPA 054D; SPA 064D; SPA 074D; SPA 084D