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The Maviflex door quickly opens and closes

Hung Tri provides a full package of services: construction, design, installation, maintenance with expertise, high technology specializing in Maviflex fast opening doors.


Maviflex fast opening doors designed by Maviflex – France, are assembled in Vietnam with components imported from Europe.

The door automatically lifts when a person / object moves into the sensor area in front of the door and descends automatically after a set time in the control box.

The fast opening and closing speed of the door helps to reduce heat loss from the cold storage out as well as limit the heat from the outside into the warehouse, helping the storage temperature to be stable regardless of the frequency of opening or closing the door or entering a large warehouse.

Principle of operation: in the form of folding with 4 seat belts including 2 main wires and 2 auxiliary wires, the stone that is attached to the screen will fall out when the door is folded up ..

The door is designed to be safe when being lowered, if it hits an obstacle, it will automatically pull up, ensuring the safety of people or objects when accidentally standing in the middle of the descending journey of the door.


The curtains are made of premium fabric materials of Ferrari – Switzerland, are made of polyester synthetic fiber, the surface covered with PVC has the effect of anti-expansion, preventing cold, preventing moisture and dust, resistant to UV rays. , mold, salt, reduce sound transmission.
3-layer curtains, with aluminum insulation in the middle, the wind bar is made of composite plastic.
The door frame is attached to a sensor and signal light with a safety control system that prevents jamming, safety for people, and forklifts when working.
The door frame is mounted with a heater resistor to avoid ice.
Using temperature: -30 0C ~ +40 0C.
2-speed motor, mounted on the top of the door on the right side from the front of the door, works in the environment up to -30 0C, opening and closing speed: 0.5 ~ 1 m / s
The thickness of the curtains: 2 layers of curtains and 1 layer of insulation
There is an observation window – rectangle, circle, oval – full vision.
Various frame and screen colors (Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, Black).
Usable Maximum Dimensions: 4000W x 4000H (mm)

With the assembly plant in Vietnam, spare parts of the product are always available and respond quickly to all customer requirements.

24/7 warranty and maintenance service with a team of professional and skilled technical staff is always ready to serve customers when something goes wrong.