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Tube ice maker


The machine includes the typical main refrigeration components in refrigeration technology, ice drums and cold systems, processed to meet JIS / ASTM standards.

Electrical cabinets are designed and operated automatically with electrical equipment of famous brands such as Schneilder, Omron, Siemen, …

Water is fed into the system and frozen in the form of an ice tube. Up to the preset time, the system automatically switches to defrost mode. The stone tube will be cut by knife to the length required by the original customer.

Round tubular stone has the height and diameter to suit the needs of the customer. The thickness of the stone ensures the correct design capacity.

The amount of produced ice is stored in a bucket of ice to be shipped out for packing.

Out of ice, water is automatically put into the drum and the operation cycle continues.

For medium and large businesses, using tube ice machines can help control and produce good quality ice for the business by yourself.


Designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP standards.

Applying the PLC control program so that the equipment can perform well the automatic functions well. Specifically, the ability to start and stop the automatic ice making process, the ability to refill the ice molds with water, and automatically defrost from the mold when there is enough time for ice making.
Maximum working efficiency if water temperature and cool environment are met.
Surface made of stone made of 304 stainless steel.
Capacity: 1.5 tons ~ 70 tons / day.
Gas: NH3 / R22 / R507a / R404
Stone size (mm): Ø 19/22/32/46
Stone Height (mm): 22/25/30/40/80

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