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Standard cold storage of vaccines


Vaccine storage during transportation

Vaccines from production to the time they are used in vaccinated subjects are transported through many places. To ensure quality, vaccines need to be stored at + 2oC to + 8oC during transportation.

If transported from a manufacturing facility or from a national vaccine warehouse, vaccines are transported by air in cold containers, and by international air transportation, imported vaccines with instruments. Temperature monitors are placed in the cooler. If transported by road, the vaccine is transported in a dedicated refrigerated truck that has temperature monitoring devices during transportation.

If vaccines are transported from a regional warehouse to a provincial warehouse, they are transported in a dedicated refrigerated truck or stored in a cooler and transported by car.

Vaccines are transported from the provincial warehouse to the district; From the district’s warehouse to the health facility or from the commune health station to the vaccination site outside the station, stored in a cold box or bottle of vaccine. There is always a device in vaccine transporting equipment to monitor the temperature of the vaccine during transportation.

2. Vaccine storage cold storage

– Sort Vaccine and Solvents: by type, lot, expiry date (to facilitate dispensing) and in the right place to avoid freezing vaccines. Limit the circulation of cold air between the boxes.

– Use of Vaccines according to the principle: in the short term, use first. Pre-reception must be used before or according to the condition of the temperature indicator of the vaccine vial. The full bottle of Vaccine brought back from the high temperature exposure is preferred to be used first for the next vaccination session.

– Do not open the cold chain device frequently. Always monitor the temperature of the cooler and record it on the temperature monitoring chart.

– Do not store expired vaccines. The reconstituted vials of vaccines after the vaccination session and the vaccines with the discolored temperature indicator need to be destroyed in cold storage.

– Cold storage for storage of vaccines can only be used for vaccines. Do not store medicine, chemicals, medical products, food or drink.

– Ensure hygiene: Wash hands before handling Vaccine vials or boxes

3. Maintenance and supervision of cold storage for preservation of vaccines

+ The cold storage must be maintained, cleaned, and the indoor unit must be defrosted regularly.

+ The cold storage must be checked and monitored for operation status. There is an appropriate repair and replacement plan to ensure the correct preservation of vaccines. Safe storage during storage, transportation and use.

+ Assign staff to support and supervise the vaccine preservation

+ Develop an emergency contingency plan. Clearly state the implementation plan, name and phone number of the responsible officer.

4. Report notes.

In addition to automatic monitoring by modern equipment, in the national cold storage of vaccines, staff still have to monitor twice a day and record the progress of the vaccine storage process.

To ensure that there is also an automatic temperature monitoring logtag for monitoring in storage rooms, which is installed with a computer and automatically records the temperature.

There is also a remote temperature monitoring system, if the temperature is too high or too low, there will be a siren, or will send a message to the phone concerned people to check.

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