Outaigong Double Spiral Quick Freezer Project

    Project Year : 2022

    Project Name: Outaigong Pangasius Quick Frozen

    Client Background: Customer’s main business are produce and sell pangasius, Qingjiang fish, Snakehead fish, and perch. Outaigong belongs to Vietnam Vinh Hoan Corp., which is the largest Pangasius production enterprise in the world. At present, the company's processing plant in Zhuhai plans to produce 45 tons per day.

    Critical Needs: The customer's site is relatively small, and the amount of quick-freezing processing is relatively large, so it is necessary to quick-freeze a large number of products in a short time in a limited site, and at the same time require energy saving

    CBFI Solution: 

    Phase 1 needs to be completed and put into production in a short period of time, so we directly adopted the direct expansion system to quickly build and put into production for customers in a short period of time.
    Due to the large amount of quick-freezing in Phase 2, we adopted a full-liquid system to meet the needs of customers and reduce the amount of quick-freezing per ton of goods by 40%. After the second phase is put into operation, we can save customers 450,000 yuan in electricity bills every year under the condition of meeting the daily production of 45 tons of quick-frozen goods.

    Why choose CBFI?


    1、Turn key Projects

    2、Energy saving to produce more profits
    3、Competitive on local markets