20 Tons Per Day Plate Ice Plant, Maldives



    Project Mainly Involve Products


    Containerized Plate Ice Machine


    The containerized plate ice machine is a system making plate ice. It is pre-installed in the container, which is convenient for transportation. And customer only needs to connect water and electricity for installation, it is very easy to install. And if customer wants to move the whole machine to another place, this containerized equipments allow him to move in a very short time.


    Containerized Ice Storage with Cold Source


    This ice storage is freezed down to -10 ℃, which temperature the ice will not melt. So the ice machine is able to work overnight, and plate ice will be kept well in the ice storage.








    Customer Type


    End User



    Customer Demand



    Customer owns several fish boats on the island, he needs more ice for fish keeping. And because the island is a big far from the market where he sells the fish, he needs ice which keeps longer time.


    Why Choose Us


    Plate ice is very similar to flake ice, they have the same application area. But plate ice is much thicker than flake ice. Plate ice lasts longer time. And this containerized ice making system is mostly pre-installed in our factory, so that he does not need to worry much about the installation. Because it is difficult to find many workers for the construction on the island. 



    Ice Factory Location


    On the island



    Plate Ice Application


    Plate ice is used for food long time preservation, such as fish preservation, meat preservation, vegetable and fruit preservation. It is also edible, so some people may use it for drink cooling.