50 Tons Per Day Automatic Flake Ice Plant, Morocco












    Project Mainly Involve Products


    Containerized Ice Flake Machine


    The containerized ice flake machine is a flake ice making system, which is pre-installed in the container. It is convenient for transportation, and customer only need to connect water and power after its arrival, it is very easy to install.


    Auto Ice Raking Storage System


    Our automatic ice raking storage system provides automatic ice storage, leveling, ice screwing, weighing and billing. It is a complete automatic system.








    Customer Type


    End User



    Customer Demand



    Customer wants to sell ice to fish processing companies in the seaport.





    Why Choose Us



    1、Our fully automated system saves labor costs for customers in ice making, loading, ice sales, and management, etc.

    2、Our professional sale manager helps customer to understand our design very well. And she arranged all the instructions for customer to use the system.

    3、We have much experience building this kind of project. The well operation of our system in many countries give him confidence to cooperate.



    Ice Factory Location


    Not far from the seaport.


    Flake Ice Machine is widely used in supermarket food preservation, fishery protection, food processing, concrete cooling, etc.

     you can build a flake ice plant to produce flake ices for these application.